Tuesday, October 29

Final Critique #kcbeautiful


I really enjoyed this project, learning the CNC was a great experience, and it felt good to use typography in the world outside of the classroom. I worked well with both Ashton and Edith, we made a nice group because we all brought something different and helpful to the table. So our goal for the project was to brighten people's day, remind them to be proud of the city, and to highlight beauty of Kansas City as well as the people. Making a hashtag turned our piece into both a physical and digital experience, it was really interesting to watch it grow on social media such as Instagram. We chose our location (The Plaza during Sunday brunch) because it's a location with multiple fountains (an important symbol of the city) and it's quite busy during Sunday brunch giving us lots of people to potentially work with. It's also a location where all different types of people are around. There's religious people eating after worship, there's healthy people running track, there's families going out for lunch, working class people headed to work and even homeless people hoping to get some change. Our audience was the people of Kansas City and we felt that this was a good location and time to capture a good mixture of people to represent that. We chose the typefaces Helvetica and Wisdom Script. Helvetica for the "#" so that it looks like a regular hashtag people potentially use on a regular basis and Wisdom Script for the practical reason of the letters being joined together as well as the fact that it's a trending typeface just like hashtag's are a trending idea right now. I feel that we reached our goal for the project and it was a success. We got lots of people who wanted their picture made and my personal favorite part about it is that they can go back and look at their picture on Instagram anytime and continue to experience our piece beyond just the one day we were out there. 

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