Wednesday, October 9

Explanation of Photo Sketches

Barn Burning

1st Row's Theme: Loyalty to Family
1. family ties 2. balance between family & law 3. proud to bleed for family
2nd Row: Loyalty to the Law
1. crime 2. darkness 3. lack of freedom
3rd Row: Search for Peace
1. peace 2. extinguish the fire 3. guilt

A Rose for Emily

4th Row: Tradition vs Change
1. change 2. emily/ masking who she really is 3. crossroads between the two
5th Row: Power of Death
1. showing crazy on the outside 2. drowned metaphor 3. symbol of death (powerful)
6th Row: Dust
1. dust 2. protective presence of dust 3. decay

Red Leaves

7th Row's Theme: Slavery
1. abuse 2. racism 3. isolation
8th Row's Theme: Loss of Cultural Identity
1. despair 2. broken 3. search
9th Row Theme: National/ Ethical Themes
1. national 2. white settlers power to effect the people 3. acceptance of corruption in society (constant imagery of eyes throughout story)

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