Monday, October 7


It's always awkward to evaluate yourself, but here it goes. I am completely new to graphic design so overall the semester this far has been a struggle, just trying to figure everything out and learn. I've completed all of the assignments so I guess that qualifies me as an average student. I wouldn't consider my own work to be above and beyond that because I am so new to design and I have so much left to learn. With project one, I redid the entire thing at least three times. Finally, I tried to take the project a little more advanced idea by making the entire thing coherent to one theme. (Sharks) But I think in doing that, I lacked strong definitions for the book. I'm still working on fixing this project. For project two, my client was Myles. It was pretty fun, I felt that my logos where successful in depicting what I was trying to convey about him. As far as the blog goes, I keep it updated well. During critique I give adequate feedback. I could probably give more but I try and give constructive commentary. Overall as a student in the class I feel like I definitely qualify as an average student, but probably a little above average because I know I work hard although the quality of my work may not be where I want it yet. I'm hoping to exceed average as the semester continues as I am now getting used to everything.

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