Sunday, October 27

Book Covers

Group I: 
title & author name are the same size, centered,
uppercase, with abstract background


Group II:
title larger than author name, placement of type 
is center and towards upper half of the book cover, first letters 
are upper case (mixture of upper and lower), abstract background. 

* I'm interested in working with the "decayed" bug image for A Rose for Emily, but I was worried that the image would feel too out of place compared to the abstract book covers. I'm adding it into critique to get feedback on the idea of using that image.

Group III: 
experimenting with type and letting the covers 
rely more on the image to look like a set

My designs printed darker than they look on screen. 
In the printed versions it's hard to read the type so I uploaded each 
individual design to show how it's suppose to look. I plan to go back 
and lighten up the backgrounds more so that the type is more legible. 

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