Thursday, September 19

Research for Quote: Project Three

My partner for project three is Alyx Jacobs. We narrowed it down to two quotes. Both quotes are great, it's just that one is by a graphic designer, Paul Rand, and the other is a quote from the show "Mad Men" by the character Don Draper.

"Everything is design. Everything." -Paul Rand

         Paul Rand was an American art director and graphic designer. He is best known for his corporate logo designs which include IMB, UPS, Enron, Westinghouse, ABC, and Steve Job's NeXT. He was one of the first American commercial artists to embrace and practice the Swiss Style of graphic design. He went to the Pratt Institute, Parsons The New School for Design, and Yale University. He was inducted into the New York Art Directors Club Hall of Fame in 1972. 
         He's most well known for his corporate designs which most are still in use. His strength was his salesman ability. After this revision of the IMB logo in 1960, he continued to work for the company and designed their packaging, marketing materials, and anything related really up until the late 1990's. 
Rand remained vital as he ages, continuing to produce important corporate identities into the eighties and nineties with rumored $100,000 price per single solution. The most notable of his later works was his collaboration with Steve Jobs for the NeXT Computer corporate identity; Rand's simple black box breaks the company name into two lives, producing a visual harmony that endeared the logogram to Jobs. Steve Jobs was pleased and named him, simply, "the greatest living graphic designer," just prior to Rand's death in 1996. 

"Simple yet significant." -Don Draper

        Don Draper is a fictional character played by Jon Hamm on the television series Mad Men. Draper was Creative Director of Manhattan advertising firm Sterling Cooper. He then became a founding partner at a new firm, Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, after he and his superiors abandoned their old agency in advance of an unwanted acquisition.  
         Draper's character is based on Draper Daniels, creative head of the Leo Burnett advertising agency in Chicago in the 1950's, who created the Marlboro Man campaign. However some of Don's advertising techniques and professional accomplishments are based on those of Rosser Reeves, who rose to chair of the Ted Bates agency. Comcast listed the character Don Draper among TV's Most Intriguing Characters.

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