Monday, September 2

Process Blog for Project One: Gestalt

Here's the images I've picked so far that illustrate the gestalt grouping laws. I took a screenshot of the original images saved in a folder. I'm not 100% sure that all of them are clear enough so I tried to get extra so that some of them will work. I also was trying to get images that would go together so the final project will have some coherence. This coherence is important to me so I may end up using images not even listed here, but I'm just gathering information at this point. Then I converted each one to grayscale tiff and took another screenshot. 
My textual definition for each gestalt grouping laws:

  CLOSURE: When your mind completes or closes incomplete figures
CONTINUANCE: When implied direction on an image causes your mind to follow
SIMILARITY: When like objects are together causing your mind to associate them as a group
PROXIMITY: When objects are near each other causing your mind to associate them as a group

(I'm still working on part three of this assignment: the graphic compositions illustrating each grouping law)

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  1. nice post on Gestalt :) Your image of the footprints in the sand is very strong!