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scribd would not work for me, my presentation also had a lot of motion so I'm showing it with vimeo & then breaking it down by slide so that you can see notes. 

final presentation:

the break down + notes:

hello, I'm Sara Garrison.

Foundations year we were all together doing interdisciplinary practice and collaborating on many levels. I did and still do feel extremely lucky to be surrounded by so many talented people.

Once I entered design, I started to work less with the friends I made in foundations – who had now entered their different majors. Honestly I started to feel like an outsider on campus, separate from fine art. 

I noticed how often designers do not get credited for their work. & realized that even on a creative campus, people do not understand the importance of design. I’ve constantly felt like I had lost my identity as artist – and taken on a new title – designer. But I do not believe that the two terms are mutually exclusive.

So when it came time to decide what my final project was gonna be at art school- I wanted to prove to myself and everyone else that I am an artist AND a designer. I wanted to work with all the creative people I’ve been so fortunate to be surrounded & inspired by.

my problem statement reads: 

Though graphic design appears to be clearly demarcated in the fine arts world, in actuality, contemporary art often blurs the line between artists and designers. This project aims to elevate the importance of design to reflect this by curating an interdisciplinary, collaborative platform that operates under the belief that all forms of art hold equal importance. In turn this will contribute towards an all inclusive arts community. 

Which brings me to – Likewise Magazine. Likewise by definition means “In the same way.”  Likewise represents the fluidity of disciplinary boundaries in contemporary art practice. Basically meaning we are all equally important and credited in the same way.

I’m calling this issue zero — I want to leave room for this project to grow and become something more post-graduation.

Likewise started with me reaching out to the artist I wanted to work with and scheduling studio visits with them so I could get familiar with the work they were creating. This was pretty much my research. The people I ended up working with was based on personal interest in their work – their style- and the desire to work with people in many different creative disciplines.

Likewise shows a wide range of work from fiber to ceramics to designers, even an aquascaping artist, & many more.

I was sharing on Instagram during this studio visit process! I wanted to start gathering an audience & gaining interests in the project. 

Another thing I wanted to do in order to elevate design ~ was having different designers create typographic elements ~ for example Tori made this handle for the instagram account. 

In addition to seeking a wide range of work to publish – I also facilitated collaborations between artists – which I call “likewise collabs.” 

The likewise smilie is used throughout the magazine to identify these collabs

~pass out magazines~ I’m really excited to share this project with everyone and I ask that you please don’t share any of the content you are viewing today! No phone pics. 

1. first likewise collab: all denim shoot , which was inspired by Hannah Carr’s denim pom earrings

Hannah and I even repurposed old shoes to complete the look. 

2. likewise still life – I curated and styled a photo shoot of objects. This was a way for me to show a variety of work in one photograph - instead of always having work shown separately. It also provides an opportunity for their work to be presented in a new perspective, offering a connection between their practices that they may not have realized. 

3. likewise nude shoot- inspired by Jenny Green’s skin series. After a studio visit with Jenny- we thought it would be cool to shoot her chair with a nude model- enhancing the fact that it was imitating skin.

And here’s a behind the scenes look at those shoots on the likewise website. This kinda of gives an inside look into the life of likewise.

Once I finished curating and gathering all the content, it was time to design. I wanted each spread to represent an artist and all of the design elements to represent that artists’ style. 

For Avery’s spread, I was drawn to this dress she created with laser cut typography. To enhance the design, I borrowed her dresses and scanned them in to create this look. This way the design elements are still something she can call her own, but with a likewise twist. 

This photograph Silvia took of Kit in her studio actually inspired me to reach out to Kit in the first place. && here you can see how the flower drawing by Kit becomes a design element of the spread. 

Bo Hubbard is a featured artist of Likewise. I scanned in his “paper sculptures” to create backgrounds and supporting imagery. 

I also set up Bo with a writer, Siara and she wrote an amazing article about his personal table series. 

It was a really awesome experience and even inspired her to write a creative piece in reaction to his piece titled: “Colored Spill”

After all this I was given the to opportunity to host a release party in collaboration with the BFA show at H&R Block Artspace. This allowed me expand the design into a spatial realm for people to have the full Likewise experience. 

A lot of the artists featured in the magazine will have their physical pieces in the space. So there will be this relationship between an actual fine art gallery – curated show + a designed editorial – curated experience. 

This event is a week from today.  So I will be sharing plans for the event. 

My BFA piece is a large scale spread, 4 times the size of the actual magazine spread. 

The purchase table will be set up right in front of it!  

Each element of the release party will also be a collaboration that I facilitated. For example, there will be a photo booth for guests as they arrive. I’m working with Laurena for an installation / back drop. This is an example of her work.

I created these scans for her to incorporate into her installation style.

Chameleon will be performing his music for the full 2 hrs of the event. His set design will look like a chameleon’s habitat & he will also be in costume. It will be like an art / sound performance.

This will also be the first release of his music ~ and we are giving away a free CD with the purchase of Likewise Magazine. Chris Meier screen-printed these awesome tote bags that all of the product will go into. 

Even my outfit will be used as an opportunity to support and promote other artists work.

All in all I feel like I couldn’t have picked a better project for me to do this past semester. It feels like the perfect segue into post-graduation. I’ve created a reason for me to stay in touch with all of these amazingly talented artists & I plan to continue Likewise as a personal project, because it truly is the work that I love doing. Funding for this project is greatly due to the Goodman Grant, so I wanted to end with a big thank you to the Goodman Family for allowing me the means to pursue this project.

thank you.

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